ICoffee RCB100 vs Keurig k55 – (Top Pick and Reviews)

Keurig is the market leading brand in coffee maker, but Keurig and iCoffee have many similarities. They both bring convenience for their users. The difference between them lies in these two important specifications-the price tag on each product. You may want to consider those when choosing a coffee machine of your own! Here’s a comparison which will help you make the decision easier: ICoffee RCB100 vs Keurig k55

iCoffee RCB100

ICoffee RCB100 is one of the best coffee maker brands by iCoffee. It has a stream-brew technology, so it delivers fresh and never-bitter coffee to your hands.

The iCoffee Maker is an innovative coffee maker that uses steam to brew the coffee. This machine looks similar to a traditional drip coffee maker, but it has many differences when compared with a conventional one.

This product uses a special Goldtone filter basket which is considered one of the best product as it optimizes brewing infusion time and also enhances the coffee flavor. It includes a 12-cup capacity glass carafe and also it has a reservoir capacity of 60 oz.

The coffee machine has a touch button control panel and digital clock, as well as an auto-start feature. It is also fully programmable with a programmed shutoff time.


Brand name: ICoffee
Model: RCB100
Dimensions: 9 X 10.5 X 14.5 In
Weight: 5.5lbs
Material: Plastic

  • It has five different brew size options to choose
  • It makes a great cup of coffee, and also it is easy to use
  • It has an innovative extraction process which provides a better tasting coffee.
  • It has an energy saving mode
  • It doesn’t have a space to use a water filter.
  • It is a little bulky.

Keurig k55 – Best Overall

Keurig K55 K-Classic Coffee Maker

The Keurig K55 is a good single serve coffee maker for the users who want quick and easy drink, with little cleanup. It has a great brewed by cup system – it heats up it’s water in 90 seconds! You can also make iced coffees or iced tea at home which are not limited to just hot drinks.

This model has a large water reservoir of 48 oz so that you can make multiple cups of coffee rapidly. It also has noise-cancelling technology to prevent the noisy sounds most other models make during brewing.

The coffee machine also has removable crumb trays which make it quite easy to clean and, when removed, you can fit a travel mug into the area that was vacated. It also has an auto-shutoff feature so whatever machine is on in its idle state will turn itself off after going idle.

The K-pod coffee system is a super easy way to brew up some coffee. It’s quick, clean and convenient – you can just pop in the single-serve pods whenever you need some or choose your size of pod and enjoy! You’re also able to make tons of different flavors with this system because there are so many options for that type of drinker. The one downside is how expensive it gets per cup compared to ground coffee, but the convenience makes up for all that extra cost.

Overall, this is an excellent model for a situation where you or multiple people will need both single servings and large pots of coffee.


Brand name: Keurig
Model: Keurig K55
Dimensions: 9.8 X 13.3 X 13 Inches
Weight: 12lbs
Material: Plastic

  • It has an external removable water reservoir.
  • It has a large 48 oz water reservoir
  • It is easy to use and clean.
  • It doesn’t have a temperature control setting.
  • It doesn’t have programmable modes and clock.

ICoffee RCB100 vs Keurig k55

ICoffee RCB100 vs Keurig k55

The iCoffee has a spin brew technology. This means that the needle of this machine steams and stirs the coffee right inside the K-Cup, which results in a hotter and more flavourful drink but Keurig does not use this technology because it simply pushes water through their pods.

Another main difference is that iCoffee RCB100 brew any type of K-Cup compatible cup which includes Keurig’s K-Cups, RealCups, Private label cups, and their refillable pod but Keurig k55 brewers, on the other hand, will only brew K-Cups that are labeled for them.


Our Recommendation Keurig k55 is best For You. Its includes all feature Quiet Brew Technology, Auto-On/Off, removable water filter, removable drip tray, comes with K-Cup variety pack.

For many people, a best single serve coffee maker under $100 is the perfect solution. They can enjoy a quick and tasty cup of coffee any time they want. The best part is that they don’t have to wait around for their coffee to brew and they can make a full pot, or half a pot, with the push of a button. With a good single serve coffee maker, you can enjoy your favorite cup of coffee without the hassle of the whole process!

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