Icoffee vs Keurig – Which One Is Right For You?

Should you buy an iCoffee or Keurig to brew your K-Cups? Read our comparison between the iCoffee vs Keurig brewers here.

With the introduction of Keurig and its single-serve coffee machines, the world has been introduced to a new way of brewing coffee. Not only is it easy and convenient, but you can also brew a cup in under two minutes. But, they’re not without their own shortcomings. One major issue that many consumers have with Keurig is how wasteful the system is, specifically with the amount of plastic used in packaging. Icoffee is a new type of coffee machine that has been built from the ground up to be eco-friendly, resulting in a product that’s healthier for your wallet and for our planet. Here, are some considerations for whether or not Icoffee may be right for you.

Icoffee vs Keurig – What’s The Difference?

Icoffee vs Keurig

One of the biggest differences between Icoffee and Keurig is that Icoffee utilizes a reusable filter rather than pods. The reusable filter is made with metal mesh and can be used in multiple machines. It’s also dishwasher-friendly, so you only have to wash it once a week. On the flip side, Keurig uses a plastic pod that gets put into the machine, then sits there on your counter waiting to be disposed of. Because they’re not recyclable, these pods create an awful lot of waste.

Another difference between these two products is size. The most common model available for purchase from Icoffee is 7 cups and can fit in any standard kitchen cabinet. In comparison, Keurig makes single-serve coffee makers that are about 10x larger than the average coffee maker.

Pods for both products come in a variety of flavors and colors – this allows you to mix and match depending on your mood or personal tastes. But, there are no options for customizing your cup size or flavor profile with Icoffee!

The final major difference between these two systems has to do with cost: Keurig charges about $4 per pod whereas Icoffee retails at just $3 per cup!

All in all, it’s clear that there are many reasons why Icoffee may be better suited to fulfill your needs as a consumer while still being cost effective and environmentally sound.

Icoffee vs Keurig – The Costs

The first thing you’ll need to consider is the price. Icoffee has a lower initial cost than Keurig, which usually runs at around $199. This makes it more budget-friendly for those who are looking for a coffee machine that’s not too expensive.

But, the real question is how much does the product last? Over time, the price difference will be less significant when considering how many cups you can brew with an Icoffee vs Keurig per day. That said, Icofee will likely need to be replaced after around three years, while Keurig machines typically last longer due to their different design and materials used in manufacturing. However, the lifespan doesn’t have to worry you because Icofee offers a five-year warranty on its products.

Icoffee vs Keurig- How to Clean it

The Keurig machine is made from polypropylene and aluminum, both of which are recyclable.

In contrast, the Icoffee is made out of stainless steel and wood. These materials are 100% recyclable as well as biodegradable. That means that you can take care of your Icoffee by simply putting it in the recycling bin at your local grocery store or by composting it with your yard waste.

Icoffee vs Keurig – What’s the process like?

One thing to consider when making the decision on whether or not Icoffee is a good fit for you is the process. With Icoffee, there are no pods or capsules to insert into the machine. Instead, you can get your coffee one of two ways:

– You can grind your beans fresh and use that as your coffee grounds, or

– You can buy a reusable filter for your coffee grounds that you place in an empty tea bag.

Both methods result in a much cleaner process with less waste. The reusable filter will also cut down on cost over time because you won’t have to constantly be buying filters like you would with Keurig. Additionally, the way that Icoffee makes coffee may be more customizable than Keurig’s machine since there are no pre-set options for what type of flavor you want to drink.

Icoffee vs Keurig- What makes it better?

One of the main things that Icoffee has going for it is the lack of plastic. The packaging is made from waste cardboard, which is far easier on the environment and costs less money to produce than plastic. You’ll also get a wider variety of flavors with Icoffee because there are no restrictions on what you can use to make your coffee. You’ll be able to brew whatever type of coffee you want and even create your own blends.

Icoffee also offers more convenience features than Keurig: it has a reusable filter that’s easy to clean and the machine can be used with any kind of K-Cup, including organic varieties. Additionally, Icoffee comes with three cleaning cycles so you never have to worry about mold or bacteria growing in your machine.

The final consideration for whether or not Icoffee is right for you is how much time you spend brewing coffee every day. If you only drink one cup a day and don’t have enough time for brewing a pot, then Keurig could work out well for you. But, if you’re looking for an alternative that will save time while still being eco-friendly, then Icoffee could be perfect for your needs!


If you’re looking for an affordable and healthy alternative to Keurig, the Icoffee is a good option to look into. The Icoffee doesn’t use pods or K-cups and the process is a lot more convenient. But the Icoffee is only made to make hot water, not coffee, so it’s not the best option for coffee drinkers.

Keurig is a machine that uses pods and K-cups, which means you can make coffee as well as hot water with it. Additionally, if you want to change the flavor of your drink, it’s easy to do so as well as change the temperature or add milk. You also don’t need to worry about cleaning this machine as often as you do with the Icoffee.

Ultimately, the Icoffee or Keurig are both great options for people who want to enjoy a hot cup of coffee on-the-go or at home. If you’re looking for an affordable and healthy alternative, the Icoffee is a good option but if you’re looking for a machine that makes both hot water and coffee, Keurig is the better option.

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