Keurig Compact Vs Mini: (Which One Is Better)

Keurig coffee makers are an essential part of many people’s day. People use them at home, in the office, and even in hotels. This is because Keurig products make it easy to brew a hot cup of black coffee and other hot beverages whenever you want one.

If you are considering buying a Keurig K-Compact or K-Mini machine, this article will help you decide is this model Keurig Compact Vs Mini which one is right for you. Both models have their own pros and cons; however, they can both be used in similar environments. Read on to know more about these two machines and if they are right for your next purchase.

Table Comparison: Keurig Compact Vs Mini

Model NameKeurig CompactKeurig Mini
Water Tank Capacity36 oz12 oz
Removable Drip TrayYesYes
Drink Sizes6, 8 &106-12 oz
Ideal UsesHomeHome
K CupCompatibleCompatible
SpeedLess than a minuteMore than a minute
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Difference Between: Keurig Compact Vs Mini

The main difference between Keurig Compact Vs Mini is water tank capacity. The Keurig Compact has a water reservoir that holds up to 36 oz , whereas the Keurig Mini has a water reservoir that holds up to 12 oz.


The names of both these Keurigs are synonyms for small, but there’s still a bit of a difference in their sizes.

If your search is for the smallest possible coffee maker, look no further than the K Mini. It’s a jaw-dropping 12.1 inches high, 4.5 inches wide, and 11.3 inches deep. 

You can fit it just about anywhere. You could even comfortably take it on the go with you and use it wherever there’s an outlet.

For comparison, the K Compact is 12.5 inches high, 8.2 inches wide, and 13.2 inches deep. It’s still a small machine that just about any countertop can accommodate.

K Compact Smart Start 

The K Compact’s Smart Start condenses the drink-making process into one simple step.

Instead of having to wait for your coffee maker to heat up before preparing a cup, you can put a K-cup in and then turn on the K Compact. The coffee maker will heat itself up and brew a cup of coffee of any size that you want.

This saves you a little bit of time in the long run, as there will be no need to hover over the K Compact, checking to see if it’s up to temperature yet. 

K Mini Cord Storage

With a built-in cord storage compartment on the back of the K Mini, you can easily pack this little coffee maker for the road. 

Just unplug the cord from the wall and carefully bundle it into the compartment. Your K Mini is then ready to go. 

Even if you don’t take the K Mini on a trip with you, this feature makes packing it up quick and painless. You can store the cord and tuck the K Mini away when you need a little extra space in your kitchen. 

Reservoir Size

Every being the simplest keurig machine, K-Mini comes with the support of 4 different serving size. They are correspondingly 6,8,10 and 12 oz. Whatever size you sereve, you have to refill the machine after every use.

In contrast, K-Compact being one of the heaviest machines comes with the support of only 3 different sizes. You can serve om 6,8 and 10oz cups with it. But the positive thing is it arises with s moderate 36oz water reservoir. So, you can use it to serve multiple times without the need to refill it.

K Compact Fast Brewing

When you’re in need of a quick drink before you head out for the day, you hope your coffee maker can brew fast. 

The K Compact has that base covered. It can brew any of its drink sizes in 60 seconds or less. 

That bring makes your wait time incredibly brief. You’ll never be late to any important event from having to stand around waiting for the K Compact.

Size and Weight

The Keurig K Compact is not as compact as the really compact Keurig k-mini.The Keurig K Mini is under 5″ wide while the Keurig K Compact is wider than 8″. The Keurig K Compact is also more than two pounds heavier than the Keurig K Mini.

Similarities: Keurig Compact Vs Mini

Removable Drip Tray

Removable drip trays on the K Mini and K Compact make cleaning a snap.

Just slide out the drip trays to empty and clean them wherever is comfortable, instead of having to move the entire coffee maker.

An extra benefit to the removable drip tray design is that it makes more space beneath the brewer. This means you can pour into larger travel mugs for whenever you need to take a comforting hot drink to-go. 

Color Options

The Keurig K mini can be purchased in a variety of colors, including Matte Black, Studio Grey, Dusty Rose, and Oasis, while on the other hand, the Keurig K Compact can only be purchased in Black.

Energy Efficient

After you are finished with both of these devices, they will automatically turn off in an attempt to save energy.

Automatic Switch-off

We’ve all been there: rushing out the door in a hurry, forgetting to turn something off, whether it’s a light, TV, or some other appliance.

These Keurigs are designed to make energy waste from forgetfulness nonexistent with their automatic switch-off.

With the K Mini, the machine will turn itself off 90 seconds after your last cup. The K Compact will switch off after 2 hours of inactivity.

On either Keurig, energy consumption is reduced because of this thoughtful feature. 

K-cup Compatibility

Keurig coffee makers are famously easy to use, and these models both demonstrate that quality.

Both of these machines use Keurig’s K-cups, which are disposable pre-ground coffee pods. These pods come in hundreds of flavors, so all you need to do is decide which one you want and put it in the K Mini or K Compact.

After that, you’re just a short minutes-long wait from your toasty cup of coffee or cocoa.

Travel Mug Friendly

The drip trays on each device can be removed, making way for travel mugs. The Keurig K Mini and the Keurig K Compact can accommodate travel mugs up to 7″ tall.

Which One Is Better: Keurig Compact Vs Mini

Keurig Compact Vs Mini

In our opinion, the Keurig K Compact outperforms the Keurig K Mini because of its water reservoir. These two coffee makers are pretty similar and have their own benefits, but we believe that the Keurig K Compact outperforms the Keurig K Mini because of its water reservoir.

The Keurig K Compact offers a larger 36-ounce water reservoir that lets you make multiple cups without having to refill it. Unfortunately, refilling the water reservoir on the Keurig k Mini is a time-consuming process.

Keurig K-Compact Review

Keurig K-Compact

The Keurig K-Compact is a tiny coffee machine that measures just over 8 inches wide. This is a very portable and countertop-friendly coffee maker. With a water reservoir that is removable and holds 36 ounces of water, the Keurig K Compact can brew multiple cups of coffee before needing to be refilled. The Keurig K Compact makes 6-, 8-, and 10-oz beverages in less than a minute.

All Keurig K Compact models are compatible with K-Cups. You can also use the My K-cup reusable coffee filter with this machine, as it is compatible with non-K-Cup ingredients as well.

The Keurig K Compact is an energy-efficient coffee maker that shuts off after two hours to save energy. You can use the Keurig K Compact to make a cup of coffee and take it with you by brewing directly into a travel mug. The drip tray of the Keurig K Compact can be removed so that you can use it with travel mugs up to 7 inches tall.

  • Cheaper than the Keurig K Mini
  • Brews faster than the Keurig K Mini
  • Has a larger water reservoir than the Keurig K Mini
  • Does not brew 12oz beverages like the K Mini
  • Does not have a cord storage like the K Mini

Keurig K-Mini Review

Keurig k-Mini

The Keurig K Mini is the slimmest Keurig coffee maker in the market. It is less than 5 inches wide, which makes it suitable for small kitchen spaces. The Keurig K Mini weighs just over 5 pounds and is extremely portable. It also includes a storage compartment for the power cord.

The Keurig K Mini can brew directly to your travel mugs that are up to 7 inches tall, and if you spill or accidentally brew an extra cup, the removable drip tray will catch it. The Keurig K Mini can produce cups ranging from 6 to 12 ounces, and it works with My K Cup reusable coffee filters and regular K-Cups.

The energy-efficient Keurig K Mini will automatically turn off 90 seconds after your last brew. If you decide to get this stylish coffee maker, you will have four color choices, Matte Black, Studio Gray, Dusty Rose, and Oasis

  • More colors to choose from than the Keurig K Compact
  • Smaller than the Keurig K Compact
  • Brews 12oz beverages
  • More expensive than the Keurig K Compact
  • Smaller water reservoir than the Keurig K Compact
  • Unlike the Keurig K Compact, its reservoir cannot be removed


Keurig’s K Compact is a better choice than the K Mini because it has a larger water reservoir. The water reservoir of the Keurig K Compact can be detached, which makes it more convenient, but not that of the K Mini. Furthermore, the Keurig K Compact is a cheaper option that brews faster.


What’s the difference between the Keurig Mini and compact?

The main difference between Keurig Compact Vs Mini is water tank capacity. The Keurig Compact has a water reservoir that holds up to 36 oz , whereas the Keurig Mini has a water reservoir that holds up to 12 oz.

Does the K-Compact use K cups?

Keurig K Compact works with all types of regular k cups.

Which one is better the Keurig Compact and Mini?

The keurig k-Compact is the better than keurig k-Mini. The Keurig K Compact outperforms the Keurig K Mini because of its water reservoir

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