Nespresso Vs Keurig Rivo (Which One Is Better?)

The two most popular coffee brewing systems today are the Nespresso and Keurig Rivo. Both systems are similar in many ways and offer consumers a variety of options to brew their favorite coffee. However, depending on your personal preferences, you may prefer one system over the other. This article will explore the differences between these two popular coffee makers and help you determine which is right for you. Additionally, we’ll outline the pros and cons of each system so that you can make the best decision for your home and your wallet.

Do you want to know the difference between Nespresso and Keurig Rivo machines? In this article, we will compare the two machines Nespresso Vs Keurig Rivo and help you decide which one is right for you. Nespresso machines are known for their high quality espresso drinks, while Keurig Rivo machines are known for their versatility in making different types of coffee drinks. Let’s take a closer look at each machine.

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Keurig Rivo Review

Keurig Rivo machine

The Keurig Rivo Cappuccino and Latte System is a versatile machine that can make both espresso and froth milk. It has an automatic on/off function and an energy-saving mode. It also has 15 bars of pressure and brews under one minute.

The convenient design allows you to brew espresso on one side and froth milk on the other side. The three frothing modes are cappuccino, latte, and cold froth. The two espresso size options are short (14 oz.) and lungo (28 oz.). This machine is a great choice for those who want both espresso and froth milk.

The Keurig Rivo is a single-serve espresso machine that is sleek, compact, and packed with features. The machine is able to make lattes and cappuccinos in addition to espressos, all at the press of a button. The convenience of Keurig technology allows users to prepare espresso and froth milk from the comfort of their own home, which is much more convenient and affordable than going to a coffee shop.

The Keurig Rivo uses its own pod style, which offers a limited range of coffee flavors. However, the machine is still speedy, brewing up a cup of coffee in under a minute. The compact size of the machine makes it perfect for small kitchens or office spaces.

Although the brand discontinued the Keurig Rivo in 2016, the machines and pods are still available for purchase on Amazon or from select Keurig retailers.

Nespresso Review

Nespresso CitiZ & Milk Espresso Machine by De'Longhi, Black

The Nespresso CitiZ & Milk Espresso Machine by De’Longhi is a versatile and stylish machine that is perfect for those who love to travel. This machine is capable of making high quality espresso drinks, as well as a variety of other coffee drinks. The Nespresso CitiZ & Milk Espresso Machine by De’Longhi is a great choice for those who want a machine that is both high quality and stylish.

Nespresso machines are known for their high quality espresso drinks, and the Nespresso CitiZ is no exception. This stylish and simple machine offers users a range of features, including a milk frother and Aeroccino technology for making delicious coffee drinks from home.

The Nespresso CitiZ is slightly more pricey than the Keurig Rivo, but it does come with a few extra features, such as an energy-saving mode and a choice of colors. Plus, it’s also a very compact machine, so it won’t take up too much counter space. If you’re looking for a high-quality espresso machine, the Nespresso CitiZ is a great option.

Nespresso Vs Keurig Rivo

When it comes to the best pod coffee, the Keurig and Nespresso lines of machines have been battling it out since the dawn of, well, pod coffee machines! Each company has its own unique take on the single-serve coffee market, and each has a die-hard following of fans. 

Keurig was founded in 1992, whereas Nespresso was launched slightly earlier in 1986. Since then, they’ve dominated their respective markets, with Nespresso being available in over 60 countries around Europe and Keurig dominating the US pod coffee market.

When comparing Keurig and Nespresso, there are a few key things to consider. Both companies offer a wide range of machines, from entry-level to high-end, so it’s important to pick the right one for your needs. Keurig machines tend to be more affordable than the best Nespresso machines. However, Nespresso does offer a broader range of coffee flavors and styles.

Nonetheless, both of these brands offer superb coffee machines. Whether you opt for a Keurig or are more of a Nespresso fan, you’ll definitely be able to whip up a delicious cup of espresso from either machine.

Features of the keurig rivo

The Keurig Rivo comes with a range of features that coffee-lovers will appreciate.

The first thing you’ll notice about this espresso machine is that it’s equipped with a milk frother. This means you can make lattes and cappuccinos right in the comfort of your own home, without having to use those expensive milk pods.

Second, The machine has three modes for brewing milky drinks: cappuccino, latte, or cold froth. The simple espresso function also produces drinks of two sizes: a 1.4 oz espresso and a 2.8 oz lungo. It has 15 bars of pressure and can brew coffee in under one minute!

Plus, the machine’s design allows you to brew milk on one side and espresso on the other, which can be incredibly convenient.

The Rivo has an automatic start/stop feature, meaning you can save energy by forgetting to turn the machine off. It also comes with a descaling alert for keeping your coffee maker in good condition and making sure your drinks taste their best.

Features of the Nespresso

What are some of the top features of the Nespresso CitiZ Espresso Machine?

The machine also comes with a built-in milk frother, but it has Aeroccino technology, meaning that the milk frother is made to provide the ideal finish to your single-serve coffee drinks.

The Nespresso, like the Rivo, is capable of making many delicious coffee drinks. The one thing you can’t do with a Nespresso that you can do with an Rivo is make iced coffee – because all its drinks are hot! Whether it’s lattes or cappuccinos, espresso or lungo – this machine will have something for everyone.

The Nespresso coffee maker features a special 19-bar extraction mechanism as opposed to the 15-bar extraction of the Rivo. This higher pressure is said to result in a more intense flavor.

The CitiZ coffee machine has energy-saving mode, automatic shut-off function, and a descaling alert. It also has removable capsule container, drip tray and water tank which makes it easy to clean up. The folding cup holder is perfect for taller cups!

And finally, it’s an even more compact machine at almost half the size, so it takes up even less counter space – perfect for small kitchens.

Difference Between: Nespresso Vs Keurig Rivo

Nespresso Vs Keurig Rivo

The main difference between Nespresso and Keurig pods comes down to cost and taste. Nespresso delivers a more flavorful cup of coffee or espresso but at a higher price point. Keurig pods are more budget-friendly, do not offer an espresso brew option, and can lack flavor.

So, with both of these machines, you can brew an espresso, a lungo, a cappuccino, and a latte. They are both reasonably compact, have a built-in milk frother, and use pods instead of regular coffee beans. 

But what are the key differences between these two reliable machines? Let’s find out!

Both machines are relatively compact, but if you’re looking for the ultimate space saver, the CitiZ is clearly better. The dimensions of the Rivo are 11.37 x 10.75 x 11.37 inches (LxWxH). In comparison, CitiZ is 14 in x 5 1/2 x 10 9/16 and a little longer than Rivo; however it has half as much width which makes it perfect to fit into small spaces on your kitchen countertop or table surface when not in use.

Another big difference is weight: The Rivo weighs 17 pounds, but the CitiZ only comes in at 7.5. This makes the CitiZ much easier to move around and you could even take it with you if you’re traveling!

The difference in the quality of coffee that these machines produce is also different. The Rivo operates at 15 bars of pressure, whereas the CitiZ operates at 19 bars. This higher pressure produces a richer brew, so if you’re looking for a machine that will make slightly more robust coffee-the CitiZ is it!

They are also popular in different parts of the world. Keurig mainly dominates the US market, whereas Nespresso is much more popular in Europe. So depending on your location, you might want to choose a maker that is better known locally or elsewhere around the world!

Finally, when it comes to price, there’s a whole lot of difference. The CitiZ retails for around double the price of the Rivo. However, it’s important to remember that the CitiZ is a far more advanced machine and offers some features that the Rivo doesn’t, so it’s perhaps not surprising that it comes with a heftier price tag.


All in all, while both of these machines are great options for making a pod-based coffee, we have to give the edge to Nespresso. The coffee is slightly better quality; the machine is more compact and easier to transport; and you don’t need any specialist pods in order brew it.

Plus, and this is what makes it an obvious no-brainer for us – Keurig has discontinued the Rivo line. This means that when pods are not available in a few years or if something goes wrong with your machine, you might have trouble finding them.

Nonetheless, if you’re on a budget, or are a dedicated fan of Keurig, then the Rivo is still a great machine and will make a delicious cup of coffee. Just be aware of its potential future obsolescence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Keurig Rivo being discontinued?

Keurig has recently discontinued the Rivo platform. You can continue to purchase Rivo pods at select retailers and at Keurig .com. The company expects the Rivo pods to be available for the next three years. The brewer will also still be supported in case customers need service assistance or replacement parts.

Is Nespresso higher quality than Keurig?

Nespressos are built betterAs for build quality, Nespresso is the clear winner. Nespressos are made in Switzerland and they are made with better quality plastic than a Keurig coffee maker is.

Brews great espresso: Lots of different models

Very easy to use: Coffee quality is so-so

Limited variety of coffees: Easy to use

How does Nespresso differ from Keurig?

The main difference between Nespresso and Keurig pods comes down to cost and taste. Nespresso delivers a more flavorful cup of coffee or espresso but at a higher price point. Keurig pods are more budget-friendly, do not offer an espresso brew option, and can lack flavor.

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