Cuisinart SS-700 vs SS-780 (Easy Guide In 2023)

Coffee is something very unique for every single person in this world. It’s a drink that many people love to partake of, and they simply can’t begin the day without it. This article will be speaking about two of Cuisinart’s best-selling coffee makers. (Cuisinart SS-700 vs SS-780)

Cuisinart is an American-based corporation that produces high-quality home devices. They also produce various versions of coffee machines, which are very popular in the marketplace.

When it comes to choosing the best coffee maker, there are many factors that go into consideration. What type of coffee do you drink? What’s your budget and how much space do you have in your kitchen? The Cuisinart SS-700 and the SS-780 are two of Cuisinart’s most popular models, with one being a bit more affordable than the other. These two machines both offer an unparalleled range of features for an excellent price. However, which one is for you? let’s get started!

Cuisinart SS-700 Overview


Cuisinart SS700 is a versatile, programmable and reliable single serve brewing system. It will help you prepare the perfect cup of coffee or tea in seconds.

The Cuisinart SS780 is a single cup coffee maker that can hold a large quantity of water, and it uses the popular K-Cups to offer you an excellent variety of teas and coffees. It’s easily one of the best choices for anyone seeking convenience in their daily life!

This model is made up of a variety of teas, coffee, and cocoa selections. It has an 80 Oz water reservoir that can hold 10 cups before you need to refill it again- no problem! The super size makes the Keurig’s maintenance much easier than other models with smaller reservoirs.

This programmable coffee maker has 5 different Cup sizes that range from 4-12 ounces. It includes a backlit LCD screen and digital clock, which you can regulate by turning it off with its Control Panel.

Overall, it’s an excellent device that provides a  lot of functions and is an excellent option for all interested buyers.


  • Dimensions: 10.2 x 13.5 x 12.1 inches
  • Water reservoir: 80
  • Automatic ON/OFF: Yes
  • K-Cup Sizes: 4,6,8,10,12
  • Capacity: 5 Pounds
  • Item Weight: 15.7
  • The brewing time is very less, prepares Coffee in less than a minute
  • The controls and programs it features are very easy to use
  • It comes with a user manual which pretty clear and helpful
  • Cuisinart provides good customer service
  • It Is Bulky And Heavier Which Takes Much Space In Your Kitchen Counter.
  • Might Be An Expensive Option For Some Of The Users.

Cuisinart SS-780 Overview

Cuisinart SS-780 Overview

In this quick review, we’ll be covering what exactly a Cuisinart SS780 is. This coffee brewing system was designed with simplicity and ease in mind to make it an excellent option for all the interested buyers.

The biggest significance of this machine is its Water Reservoir that holds 80-Ounces and which allows you to brew in five different size cups. This device also includes a removable drip tray, which makes it secure for travel mugs with several sizes.

This coffee maker has a full programmable Blue-Black LCD control panel that can change your device. Its digital clock is very useful in measuring time and it also gives you a lot of choices to prepare not only gourmet but iced coffees, teas, hot cocoa.

In general, it is a good home appliance and will remain with you if maintained properly. So, this Cuisinart SS780 can rely on being an investment for all users.


  • Dimensions: 16.3 x 14.8x 13.0 inches
  • Water reservoir: 80
  • Automatic ON/OFF: Yes
  • K-Cup Sizes: 4,6,8,10,12
  • Capacity: 8 Ounces
  • Item Weight: 16.3
  • It comes with a replaceable Charcoal Water Filter
  • The automatic On/Off feature is very useful that saves energy and money for you
  • With the help of temperature control, you can adjust the water temperature
  • Again, Cuisinart provides good customer service
  • Its performance with hard water is not impressive at all
  • The internal pump may create some problems and issues

Comparison: Cuisinart SS-700 vs SS-780

Dimensions and Weight

This is the section where you can determine whether or not this device will necessarily fit in your kitchen. Speaking of Cuisinart SS700, this model considers 15.7 lbs and measures 10.2 inches (length) x 13.5 inches (width) x 12.1 inches(height).

While looking at the Cuisinart SS780, this version has a weight of 16.3 pounds and measures 16.3 inches in length, 14.8 inches in width, and 13 inches in height.

The Cuisinart is a smaller unit, with no issues in storing. It also has specifications that make it clear of its quality and capabilities.

Control Panel

One of the most crucial criteria to search for is this one. Here you can see that whether your tool is easy to use or not, as well as different functions and features present in the control panel. One such feature is adjustable brew dimensions-this function allows you to brew coffee in various cup sizes.

The sizes are 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 ounces. The LCD Control Panel includes icons for them. It also shows the temperature level of the water being brewed as well as a customizable On/Off function.

In general, both models have the exact same LCD-Display Control board, so it’s a tie right here.

Water Reservoir and Filters

This is another important category for coffee buyers to look at. Coffee prices generally vary according to the quality and quantity, which can be seen in this segment of the comparison table. On each row, you will see two models with 80 Oz capacity priced at different rates.

The large water reservoir can hold up to 10 Cups of water. This means you don’t have to run away from the faucet and back again for refilling your reservoir with liquid refreshment. It is a great deal at this price!

These two coffee makers also include a charcoal filter that keeps water safe throughout the brewing process. This ensures you’ll get clean, caffeine-filled cups of coffee with them!

Overall, both the models use the same tank and Charcoal Filters, so it’s a tie again here.


This is an essential category where you can learn about the aesthetics of both versions. This section will let you know that whether this model will enhance or detract from your kitchen area and its appeal. Both models look virtually the same and similar, but they vary in their sizes and dimensions.

Both units have a boxy shape with contoured Edges and silver touches around the body. At the front, they include a Square-Shaped LCD Display together with three switches for brewing, rinsing, and warm water.

Generally, both models have the same style and look, so it’s a connection here.


With the minor differences between both items, we can’t say one is clearly better than the other. It all depends on what you are looking for and how much money you want to spend. One version may have more features that suit your needs, but it could cost more as well, so it’s up to you to decide which product will be best for you based on your budget.

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