Keurig k460 vs k560:(Which One Is Best For You In 2023)

Keurig k460 vs k560: Which One Should You Buy? There are many factors that go into a decision as big as which Keurig to buy. To help you make the right decision, here is a comparison of the Keurig K460 and Keurig K560.

Keurig k460 Overview

Keurig k460 Overview

The Keurig 2.0 features revolutionary Brewing Technology, designed to read the lid of each K-Cup® or K-CarafeTM pack to brew the perfect beverage every time. It also includes a large 70 ounce water reservoir, a touch display for easy programmable clock setting, an auto brew option and strength control settings for bolder coffee selection. The brewer even offers its own specialty drink options like hot cocoa and chais/mochas!


  • SERIES: 2.0
  • DISPLAY: 2.4

Keurig k560 Overview

Keurig k560 Overview

If you want to brew a quick and delicious cup of coffee, Keurig K560 is the machine for you. With a carafe brewing feature and night light, this device proves that it has plenty going on. The extra-large tank makes it more fantastic than ever! If you love making your morning coffee routine much easier – then try out one today!

The Keurig K560 excels at its ability to provide you with a variety of hot beverages. You can even choose your preferred style and customize your “favourites” settings – so that next time onwards, you could get the desired brew in just a click!

The Keurig K560 has an 80 oz water reservoir, and as an added feature – it has Keurig’s latest carafe brewing option with the carafe pods that lets the user brew as many as 4 cups at one time.


  • SERIES: 2.0
  • DISPLAY: 2.8

Keurig k460 vs k560: What are the differences?

Keurig k460 vs k560

The Keurig 2.0 K460 and 2.0 K560 are two very similar machines on the surface. Let’s dig deep to discover how these two compare:

Size of the machine:

It’s an even match in size, as they both come in at 16″H x 12.7″W x 18.3″D. Both have a plastic casing and the same power usage. The only difference is weight, with K460 is being marginally lighter (13.7 lbs VS 13.9 lbs).

Water reservoir size:

The 80 oz water reservoir on the Keurig K560 lets you brew over 5 cups of coffee when full. The 10 oz difference in capacity between the two models is surprising – they are both similar size machines!

Screen size:

It is not a deal-breaker if you have thick fingers that make interaction with the screen feel restrictive. However, the K560 has a 2.8″ color touch screen while the K460 has a smaller 2.4″ color touch screen.

Extra Function:

The Keurig K560 has a programmable nightlight that allows for operation without you having to turn on overhead kitchen area lighting. The Keurig K460 does not have this function.


If you have set a bigger budget, then splurge on the Keurig K560, which is more expensive than the Keurig K460.


Our Recommendation Top Pick Keurig k560  is best for You. Although the K560 is a bit pricier than the K460, it offers superior features. The larger water tank means you can brew more coffee per fill up of your machine!

The larger touch screen and programmable nightlight also make interaction with the Keurig K560 far more enjoyable.

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