Which Is Better Moka Pot vs French Press (Easy Guide in 2023)

Find out the difference between the Moka Pot vs French Press, Which One is Right For You, and which one is the best to buy?

There are many ways to brew coffee, and the two most recognized for creating bold and full-flavor coffee are the Moka pot (which comes from Italy) and French press. These methods of brewing come from different parts of Europe which have been around since centuries ago. Which is better? It’s not that simple! But it can be said that both brews create a rich taste in their own way.

Below, we are going to compare the Moka pot and French press in terms of usability, convenience, and overall performance so that you can choose which method is best suited for getting your caffeine fix each morning!

Moka Pot Overview

A Moka pot is a small metal, stove-top brewer that usually consists of three parts: the bottom piece gets heated and holds the water; it has a filter basket where coffee grounds are stored; and on top there’s a spout to release steam.

The water in the bottom piece of this coffee maker gets heated and expands as steam into the ground coffee. This continues to happen until all of the grounds are saturated, at which point they will heat even more before moving up through a spout and into other reservoir that is not used for finished coffee.

Moka Pot Overview

What It’s Good for/When to Choose

If you want something similar to a cup of espresso in the morning without having to fuss with complicated machines and your coffee is always perfect, Moka pots are for you. It uses very basic pieces which allow it to deliver bold coffee that’s often comparable, though not authentic; it can be mixed into drinks like an espresso would.

Moka pots have some usability limitations. Depending on the type of Moka pot you choose, a single batch can only make between one and six cups of coffee at one time. This smaller brewing capacity may be convenient for those who regularly brew just for themselves; however, if friends or family members are around when brewing quality coffee it might take significantly longer to produce several batches as you’ll have to wait until each cup is brewed before proceeding with the next batch.

It’s true, Moka pots aren’t adaptable at all when it comes to the quantity they produce. The quality of the coffee they make will plummet if you try to make less than 6 cups in a six-cup Moka pot. When choosing your own Moka pot, you’ll have to pick one that makes the number of cups you want and then limit yourself there for every batch made on that machine!

Moka pots are a great way to make coffee at home. They use metal filters and aren’t expensive, the only ongoing cost will be your coffee which is made in very little time!.

Moka pots are easy to brew with than French presses. They can easily be brewed using volume measurements instead of mass so you don’t need a scale to weigh out coffee and water. Moka pots produce very concentrated coffee, so small variances in ingredient volumes won’t produce too much variation in your coffee quality!

Moka pots are more difficult to clean than a French press because the spout is inaccessible. The water and coffee reservoirs are smaller, too! Moka pots also take longer to brew, as there’s less room for extraction compared with other types of coffeemakers..

Ready to buy a Moka pot? Best Moka Pot Espresso Coffee Makers

  • Makes flavorful coffee
  • Makes robust coffee
  • Very affordable
  • Simpler to brew with
  • Limited to one quantity of coffee
  • Often have small serving sizes
  • Harder to clean

French Press Overview

The French press is a straightforward brewing apparatus that consists of a carafe and plunger. It has four pieces: lid, metal plate with holes for coffee to flow through, fine metal mesh too small for grounds to fit through and a screw-on bottom piece that keeps everything together.

To make coffee, you add ground coffee into a pot with boiling water. You wait for the liquid to cool down and then use an automatic plunger at the bottom of your carafe to push all of those grounds away from it.

French Press Overview

What It’s Good for/When to Choose

The French press is the perfect way to make coffee that’s full of flavors and bold. It’s easy to use, so anyone can learn a recipe by following simple instructions for delicious coffee every morning. And you can even choose portable camping-friendly models!

The amount of coffee that the French press can make is dependent on size. The smaller models will only be able to brew four or five cups, while larger ones are capable of making up to ten or twelve cups at a time. Those with more guests would do well by purchasing one of these larger presses.

Regardless of the size French press you choose, you can make up to its maximum batch size, which is usually 12 cups. For example, if your purchase a 12-cup French press, it allows for two “full” cups of coffee without compromising quality. This adaptable batch size makes them more convenient if you make varying amounts of coffee each day or on occasion.

The French press is about the same price as a Moka pot, and it also has no mechanical or electrical parts. It also doesn’t require constant maintenance – just regular cleaning!

When using a French press, the ratio of coffee to water can make a significant difference in flavor. It is recommended that you use 15:1 or 16:1 of ground coffee and volume measurements with distilled water. If it’s easier for you though, we have an online calculator!

French presses are very easy to clean! The large carafe is wide-mouthed and easily washable, while the plunger pieces come apart for even easier cleaning. Each piece of the press is machine washable, making it an effortless task.

Ready to buy a French press? Best French Press Coffee Maker

  • Makes full-flavor coffee
  • Can make larger batches
  • Batch size is adjustable
  • Affordable
  • Easy to clean
  • Requires more precision
  • Not suitable for espresso-based drinks

Which Is Better Moka Pot vs French Press In 2023

The method that’s best for you is the one that suits your needs. Different people may have different tastes and coffee requirements, so make sure to pick what works for your own daily routine and lifestyle!

If you want to make strong coffee, but don’t mind brewing it in the same volume and like being able to customize your drink with mixed ingredients, a moka pot is an excellent choice. If you are looking for flavor profiles which change through time as well as a clean-up process that is easy on both your hands and machine parts, a French press will be perfect for you..

Ultimately, only you can decide which method is best for you! Hopefully, this comparison has helped to make a decision that is right for your needs..

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