Hamilton Beach 49980a vs 49980z: What Is the Difference?

Find out the difference between the Hamilton Beach 49980a vs 49980z, Which One is Better For You, and which one is the best to buy?

When you’re looking for the best blender, you want to find one that can do it all. But how do you know which one is best for your needs? There are so many different models of blenders out there, and it can be hard to know where to start!

The Hamilton Beach 49980a and 49980z are two different models of blenders from the same company. So what are their differences? Let’s take a look at the Hamilton Beach 49980a vs 49980z to see what they have in common and how they differ.

Hamilton is a popularly known brand which needs no introduction. The company has manufactured hundreds of kitchen appliances from grills to toasters. Apart from this, they also manufacture coffee brewers machines too. And in this review, our eyes will be on two of their very popular models Hamilton Beach ‘49980a’ and ‘49980z’.

If you’re deciding between these two Hamilton Beach 49980a vs 49980z models, just read this article to help make the right decision. As after reading it all, we’re pretty sure that you’ll understand what each offers and be in a comfortable position to choose one. So without any delay – let’s get started!

Hamilton Beach 49980A

Hamilton Beach 49980A

This Hamilton Beach 49980a is a fantastic coffee maker machine which is perfectly ideal for your kitchen. The front portion of the device is made of stainless steel which gives a classic look to it. Don’t just worry, the stainless steel finish will not get any fingerprints so that you can touch it freely.

As for the back part, it’s made of plastic. That’s black in color. This is where you’ll find the machine’s water reservoir. Refilling the tank is no hassle either. All you have to do is open the device’s top lid. To fill up the 12-cup capacity carafe! And then pour it, that’s about it.

This coffee maker has two ways of brewing- full pot and single serve. The machine also provides 950 watts for your desired brew strength, whether it’s regular or bold! There are various programmable features as well like automatic shut off after the timer is up.

There’s no denying that the Hamilton Beach 49980A is an excellent option. You simply cannot go wrong with this one if you’re genuinely interested in buying it.

  • You can choose the option of large caffeine if you’ve more people or single-serve for one cup.
  • It is very simple to use and is an affordable option for the buyers.
  • It consistently provides you with delicious cups of coffee
  • Coffee taste is consistent.
  • The device is capable of using pods. This is helpful if you don’t have time to grind the coffee.
  • It does not include any hot water dispenser.
  • Incompatible with the K-cups of Keurig.

Hamilton Beach 49980z

Hamilton Beach 49980z

This Hamilton Beach 49980z is a versatile 12 cup machine and a single-serve coffee maker. The model is built with the latest technology. For preparing single cup coffee, you can ground coffee directly into the mesh filter. Also, you can insert your favorite coffee pod as an altar.

The carafe side is to bring into existence several cups of coffee. The construction, in this case too, consists of stainless steel (front) and plastic (back). There’s a unique scoop installed in here. That measures as well as filters your ground coffee. So you end up with a perfect cup each time.

Automatic shut off and on, fully programmable, and regular/bold coffee brew strength. Much like the Hamilton Beach 49980A model!

One thing that makes the 49980Z stand out is its large reservoir. There are user-friendly controls on this coffee maker, which have a display with minute and hour buttons! This is very useful if you want to program brewing 24 hours in advance. Most reviews for Hamilton Beach 49980Z don’t forget to mention these impressive features.

It is not only a quality product which is versatile, but it has an affordable price as well. It’s made of stainless steel and plastic built that makes it look descent. And overall, it’s a great choice for the buyers.

  • It includes easy controls.
  • As per we test, it keeps the coffee warm for about 2 hours.
  • Extra-large water reservoir capacity is a huge plus point.
  • Its carafe is okay for the dishwasher.
  • It has Automatically shut-off feature, saves a lot of money when you keep the gadget unattended for some time.
  • There’s no optimal temperature brewing.

comparison Table: Hamilton Beach 49980a vs 49980z

NameHamilton Beach 49980A Hamilton Beach 49980Z
Reservoir CapacitySingle cup – 0.4LCarafe – 1.8LSingle cup – 0.4LCarafe – 1.8L
OperationAutomatic and easyAutomatic and easy
Compatible CapsulesOnly soft capsulesOnly soft capsules
MaterialStainless steel frontPlastic backStainless steel frontPlastic back
Kit for Water FilterNoNo
Power950 watts950 watts
Warranty1 year1 year
Heating Time3 minutes – single cup7 minutes – carafe3 minutes – single cup7 minutes – carafe
Power SavingYesYes
Weight11.8 pounds4.8 pounds
Dimensions13 inches x 11 inches x 15 inches13 inches x 11 inches x 15 inches
PriceVery affordableExpensive
Hamilton Beach 49980a vs 49980z

Difference Between: Hamilton Beach 49980a vs 49980z

Hamilton Beach 49980a vs 49980z

The Hamilton Beach 49980A and 49980Z models offer tons of flexibility. Along with a 1-year warranty and many clever features. On top of that, both compare reasonably well with other machines of other brands. In terms of price and performance!

However, the topic of Hamilton Beach 49980A vs. 49980Z reviews comparison still stands. It’s a different story entirely. So keep reading to find out more.


We haven’t found any significant differences between both the models, and if you’re thinking inside your head, then there’s nothing to see here. You are wrong. When you put both machines side by side, then there isn’t a single difference that can be seen at all.

Both are similar in size, shape, controls and both have a stainless steel finish. The LED screen on the back is attractive and displays time in digital format. Both models aren’t funky looking machines but the stainless steel finish elevates their looks.


The Hamilton Beach 49980A is 11.8 pounds heavy. And the Hamilton Beach 49980Z is 4.8 pounds light. But this doesn’t really matter now, does it?

Brew Strength:

Many people think that single cup coffee machines are not the best at brewing strength. However, both of these Hamilton Beach models offer something great to you. You can choose between ‘regular’ or ‘bold’ for your mood, depending on what you want at the moment! You could also add grounds to a brew basket if it is another way of adjusting the brew strength.

This is true but only up to a mark. As if you try to fill too many coffee grounds, the hot water will overrun the basket. And this could turn to be a mess. So whether you choose 49908a or 49908z, the best way to get thick coffee is by turning ‘bold’ mode. Overall, there’s nothing different under this segment.

Automatic off

Hamilton Beach 49980A and 49980Z Both Machines are Automatic off.

The main reason why people think automatic off features are natural is due to the fact that both machines shut themselves off after a set amount of time. You don’t have to worry about burning down the house when you leave either machine on, as they automatically turn off after two hours.

Programming Options:

Hamilton Beach coffee makers are perfect for those who wish to be greeted with a freshly brewed cup of coffee. They have an inbuilt timer that automatically turns on the brewing machine, and you wake up with a fresh pot waiting!

Users can even set the timer by 24 hours in advance. So when you get up in the morning, you can even reset it for the next day. And there will be fresh coffee again waiting for you in the morning.

But what if you wake up late? Don’t just worry, as it has an inbuilt hot plate which can maintain the coffee warm for you. So overall, both come with almost similar programs settings.

Brewing Single Cup

The Hamilton Beach 49980a and 49980z work similarly. You just have to fill in water to get coffee of selected cup size. There is nothing that distinguishes between these two models-so you can choose whichever one suits your needs best. Anything from a mug up to 14 ounces can fit inside the travel mug on either model, so it’s all about what works for you!

But if you need smaller serving, then don’t just worry as the cup can be raised to multiple levels. So whether its small cup or large, you just have to put it beneath the machine to catch the last drop of coffee.

Conclusion: Hamilton Beach 49980A vs 49980Z Reviews

Both two very popular Hamilton Beach machines! But the matter of fact is that both are identical.

So in the end, The Hamilton Beach 49980A has an incredibly fitting budget-friendly price tag. And for the Hamilton Beach 49980Z, it’s way costlier. And why that is only Hamilton Beach knows.

Not you and not even us are able to find any difference among these two. In fact, what’s difference is just the name. Both are same at every aspect, and even features are too same. So it is upon you, that with which one you should go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Hamilton Beach FlexBrew make espresso?

The Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Universal Coffee Maker gives you the option to brew 1.35, 2.7 or 5 oz. of espresso or 8, 10 or 14 oz. of coffee with a pod or ground coffee.

Do K cups fit in Hamilton Beach?

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Single Serve Coffee Maker, Compatible with K-Cup Pods and Grounds, Black & Two Rivers Coffee Flavored Coffee Pods Variety Pack Sampler, Compatible with 2.0 Keurig K Cup Brewer.

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