Keurig K250 plus vs K250: Which One to Choose?

Find out the difference between the keurig k250 plus vs k250, Which One is Right For You, and which one is the best to buy?

Coffee is a part of many people’s everyday routine. Whether you drink it for the caffeine, to stay awake at work or school, or just for the taste, coffee has become a staple in our society. However, it can be difficult and overwhelming to choose a coffee maker that suits your needs. The Keurig K250 Plus and K250 are two models that offer different features and benefits. Here are some pros and cons of both models to help you decide which one is right for you.

Keurig is a beverage brewing system with both home and commercial use. There are similarities between these two systems, as well as differences. This can make it difficult for a user to choose one of them.

As a person, you always want to spend your money on a product that has excellent features and is also high quality. In this article we will compare keurig k250 plus vs k250 so you can choose one as per your need.

Keurig k250 plus Review

Keurig K55 K-Classic Coffee Maker

The Keurig K250 Plus is one of the best products in the market. It features revolutionary Keurig 2.0 brewing technology that can identify and brew any K-Cup or carafe, guaranteeing you get a perfect beverage every time. The Keurig K250 Plus is the newer model, and has a sleeker design.

It Also Has A Separate Setting For Specialty Beverages Such As Hot Cocoa, Chai, And Mochas Which Is Quite Impressive. This Product Also Features A 40-Ounce Water Reservoir And Also It Has Nine Brew Sizes.

It also has a 2 inchblack and white touch display screen. The strength control setting is actually quite helpful for any user of this product; it works with K-cup pods, K-Mug pods, and K-Carafe Pods. The Keurig K250 Plus Comes In Various Colors Like Peacock Blue, Turquoise, Imperial Red, Violet, Etc..

  • It Has A Modern And Sleek Design.
  • It Is Compatible With More Than 250 Varieties Of Coffee, Tea And Even With Iced Beverages.
  • It Can Work With Any K-Cup Pod, K-Mug Pod And Also With K-Carafe Pod.
  • It Has A Black And White Touchscreen Display.
  • It Is Quite Noisy While Working.
  • It Requires High Maintenance.

Keurig k250 Review

Keurig K250

This Keurig K250 Coffee Maker is also the part of Keurig’s 2.0 technology. The K250 is very similar to the k200, but only one difference between both these machines are that this machine includes a cleaning kit. This product comes with 4 pods and water filter handle with two filters.

With our coffee maker, you can select one of 3-4 different brew sizes. It has a 40 oz water reservoir capacity which will allow you to make 4+ cups of coffee before having to refill it. This means less time spent refilling and more time saved! We hope this simplifies your morning routine as well!

This Product Has A Strength Control Setting Which Will Allow You To Brew A Bolder Cup Using Any K-Cup. This Product Also Has Various Brew Strength Settings That Can Be Very Helpful For Any User.

  • It Will Accept The Full Range Of 2.0 K-Cups And Refillable 2.0 K-Cups.
  • It Has A Slim Design Yet With A Large Water Tank.
  • It Has An Innovative Touchscreen Control Panel.
  • It Brews In Around A Minute.
  • It Doesn’t Have Any Temperature Settings.
  • It Has No On/Off Switch Or Auto-Off

Comparison Table: keurig k250 plus vs k250

The Benefit Of Using A Coffee Maker Is That It Saves Not Only Time But Also A Brewed Coffee Gives You More Health Benefits Than An Instant Coffee. So If We Talk About Keurig,

NameKeurig K250 PlusKeurig K250
Dimensions17.30 X 11.60 X 16.20 Inches15.00 X 9.00 X 13.70 Inches
Pod CompatibilityK-Cup, K-Mug, K-CarafeK-Cup, K-Mug, K-Carafe
Brew Sizes4,6,8,10,22,26,30 Oz.4,6,8,10,22,26,30 Oz.
Weight11.25 Pounds7.5 Lbs
ControlsBlack And White TouchscreenBlack And White Touchscreen
Keurig 2.0 Brewing TechnologyYesYes
Strength ControlYesYes
Energy SaverYesNo
keurig k250 plus vs k250

Different Between keurig k250 plus vs k250

Now We Will Compare This Product On Some Of The Parameters Like Size, Feature, Etc.. Which Will Help You To Choose A Good Option.

keurig k250 plus vs k250
keurig k250 plus vs k250


Both Of The Products Have Some Same As Well As Some Different Types Of Features.

Keurig K250 has four different brew strength settings to help the consumer get just the right level of bold flavor. The touch screen is user friendly and black and white- quite impressive as well! This coffee maker also comes with a removable drip tray for easy cleaning.

And If We Talk About Keurig K250 Plus, By A Simple Touch Of A Button, It Will Allow You To Brew Your Coffee Also It Is Compatible With More Than 250 Varieties Of Coffee, Tea, And Also With Specialty Beverages As Well As It Has Adjustable Strength Control For Brewing Bolder Coffee.

Weight And Size

Both Of The Models Have Almost The Same Weight. So If We Talk About K250 It’s Dimensions Are 13.5? (Height) X 11? (Width)X 13? (Depth) And Also Its Weight Is 11.5 Ounces.

The K250 Is Compact And It Can Easily Fit In Your Kitchen Countertop And If We Talk About K250 Plus Its Dimensions Are 9″ (Width) X 15″ (Depth) X 13.7″ (Height) And Its Weight Is 7.47 Lb. The Keurig K250 Plus Is The Heavier And Bigger If We Compare It With K250.

Energy Saving Mode

As a consumer, you always want to purchase a product which consumes less energy while producing great coffee. When we talk about K250plus, it has an energy saving mode that is quite impressive; but when we talk about K250, there is no such thing as an “energy saving” mode.


If you are looking for the best coffee maker, then Keurig is probably your smartest choice. The answer will depend on many factors such as how much you want to spend and also what kind of taste you have- both the K250 plus and K250 are good machines that can do whatever it is they need to.

If you want a machine that has some great features at a good price, then K250 plus is the choice for you; but if your preference is for something light and aesthetically pleasing with little counter space needed, then K250 would be better. At last- it completely depends on your needs and preferences which product can best fit into your home.

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