Can You Put Hot Coffee in a Red Solo Cup?

A lot of people are asking the question, “can you put hot coffee in a red solo cup?” The answer is that you can. You can also put cold coffee in a red solo cup. We can’t tell you how to drink your coffee though, that’s up to you.

Often we end up ordering a coffee on the go due to the morning rush and sacrifice the rich aroma and taste that glass or ceramic cups provide. And instead, we settle for a plastic cup. While drinking out of a plastic cup, is the luxurious taste the only thing we are sacrificing?

Is it safe? Can you put hot coffee in a plastic cup or plastic red solo cup?

There are health risks. And the health risks that you are exposing yourself to by using plastic cups for hot coffee might take away your joy of enjoying the rush of caffeine.

However, as it is nearly impossible to avoid plastic cups while drinking coffee on the go, consider the points below to make healthier choices while choosing your coffee cups.

What Makes Red Plastic Cups So Available

One of the major factors behind red plastic solo cups is that they are easy to carry around, durable and cheap when compared to glass or ceramic. These cups also make it easy for you avoid washing mugs if you’re planning a party, picnic or just want an affordable option.

The basic plastic cups come in a variety of colors and are stackable, which also makes storing the cups really easy. These cups are so available that we often purchase them by the lot and do not give much thought to whether these plastic cups can withstand hot liquids or cold ones.

While drinking cold liquids out of these cups doesn’t pose a health risk, pouring steaming hot liquid into them can actually have the opposite effect.

Reasons why you should use red solo cups for hot coffee

8 Reasons why you should use red solo cups for hot coffee


The price is right, but the best thing about it is that it was cheap! They’re only one dollar each which means you can buy several without breaking the bank.


This is one of the most durable cups in the market. It’s made of a tough plastic material, and it can even resist a lot output to maintain its shape! This means you won’t need to worry about it ripping or tearing apart while you’re carrying them around.

Temperature Control

The red solo cup prevents heat loss because it doesn’t allow too much heat to escape. This is due to the insulation on the inside, which prevents it from doing so, even when you’re out in cold weather.

Easy to Use

There are a lot of people who think that since they’re made of plastic, cleaning them is somehow more difficult than with normal cups. But in reality, you don’t need to worry because it’s easy to clean them with some soap and water.

Multiple Uses

You don’t always have to use it for beverages. You can use them whenever you need cups of any kind, be it hot chocolate or coffee, even if they’re hot!

Easy to Carry

You can bring them anywhere you want. They’re lightweight and flexible, so they won’t slow you down when you’re carrying them around.

Perfect size for any beverage

These cups can be used to hold any drink regardless of the temperature or just about anything that comes in a cup! You can use it on the rocks, water, tea, coffee, or even soup!

No Smell after washing

One of the things that makes this cup great is that you can throw them in your dishwasher without worrying about any smell that might get left behind.

Plastic Red Solo Cups are Built for Cold Drinks Only

Plastic Red solo cups are perfect to drink iced coffee and other cold beverages. The plastic helps keep the contents cool for a long period of time, which is necessary if you want your iced coffee-to-go to stay as cold as possible.

However, paper cups are absolutely not recommended for cold drinks. Using plastic cups will stave off the paper dissolving that occurs when the cold liquid comes in contact with the hot air surrounding your paper cup.

As well, a factor to consider is the amazing taste that plastic cups provide with cold drinks. This is because plastic helps the drink remain cool, which in turn prevents sugar from dissolving into ice when poured into these types of cups.

And most importantly, the materials used in making plastic cups do not leak into your cold coffee as the materials leak only when they come into contact with hot liquid. This brings us to our next point.

What Happens When You Use Red Solo Cups for Coffee

There is a serious concern with the carcinogenic property of non-biodegradable and non-heat resistant plastic. The issue arises when you pour hot coffee into it because as it heats up, the plastic will also melt and begin to spill in your drink. While this will make your coffee taste like plastic, more importantly this melted chemical can wreak havoc on our health.

The plastic cups we use for cold drinks are only made of components that may lead to the migration of chemicals. This phenomenon occurs because output from additives, which is added to polymers used in making plastic cups.

When you pour a hot drink into the cup, heat from the drink is transferred to the plastic which leads to these additives melting. These components can both damage your environment and harm your wealth due to their non-disposable and harmful lead-carrying properties.

Health Risks of Having Hot Coffee in Plastic Cups

Plastic and additives that are used to make coffee cups act as carriers for ion and heavy metal contamination. These drinks usually come in non-degradable single use plastic cups, which may be made with vinyl chloride, formaldehyde, phthalates or bisphenol A , also known as BPA.

All of these chemicals are non-biodegradable substances that have been linked to a variety of health problems.  Some of these risks include:

  • Different types of cancer.
  • Obesity.
  • Reproductive harm.
  • Hormonal disruption.
  • Reduction of immunity.
  • Organ development delays in children.

So it is much safer to drink out of cups that will not harm your health in the long run and let you enjoy the health benefits that caffeine offers.

Not All Plastic Cups are Harmful

Instead of using plastic red solo cups, you can opt for biodegradable and leak-proof solo cups. These eco-friendly products are built with insulation up to 175 degrees that will keep your drink hot while you’re on the go. They also come with lids so that as you walk down the street sipping your coffee, no one else needs to be splashed by any drips or spills!

Disposable cups are typically made of plastic, which isn’t good for the environment. With these disposable cups being biodegradable, you’re also helping to reduce the huge amount of non-disposable plastics in our environment.

But a fair warning, even when you are drinking coffee from plastic cups that have been deemed safe for hot drinks, never microwave something made of polystyrene unless it is certified microwavable by the brand. Better to completely avoid microwaving any polystyrene cup.

Alternatives to Using Harmful Plastic Cups

Solo is a company that manufactures both bio-degradable cups and the red solo cups. Make sure to use the appropriate cup according to what temperature your coffee is at. Solo’s insulated disposable products are more commonly known as either 12 oz or 16 oz solo reusable cups, which you may want to purchase if you go through a lot of paper straws on a regular basis!

Using these cups, you can easily ensure no leakage of harmful substances into your drink.

If you are having coffee at home or in a cafe, and choose to not use any plastics whatsoever, ceramic or glass mugs are the best option. Apart from health factors, it’s important to note that when it comes down to taste- nothing beats cups made purely of ceramics or glass.

If you are an avid coffee drinker, then a traveler tumbler will do the trick! They can keep your coffee’s aroma and temperature hot for over 6 hours. A lot of coffee shops allow filling up these stainless steel tumblers once they weigh them in and charge accordingly.

Or you can just pour the coffee from a glass or a ceramic mug into your tumbler and rest assured for the day.

Can You Put Hot Coffee in a Red Solo Cup?

Some people ask if you can put hot coffee in a red solo cup. The answer is that yes, you can. You can also put cold coffee in a red solo cup. But we can’t tell you how to drink your coffee, that’s up to you.

Is There Anything Wrong With Putting Hot Coffee in a Red Solo Cup?

There is nothing wrong with putting coffee in a red solo cup. However, there are a few things that you should know before doing so. First off, you will need to take off the paper and plastic lid before inserting the hot liquid into the red solo cup. For some people, this is an easy process. But for others, it may be harder to do because they have weaker hands or are not able to grip things as tightly due to arthritis or other disabilities. You also want to make sure that your hands are dry when you pour because wet hands can cause condensation and affect how long your hot coffee stays hot.

Lastly, if you’re going to put hot coffee in a red solo cup, make sure that you let it cool down first! It’s very dangerous if someone drinks really hot coffee from a red solo cup without letting it cool down first because their mouth is more sensitive than their stomach. The heat from the coffee can cause burns on someone’s lips and tongue which can lead to burns in their esophagus or stomach lining. This could result in serious medical problems such as esophagitis, ulcers, and eventually gastric cancer!


Can you put hot coffee in a plastic red solo cup? I hope you’ve got the answer by now.

Make sure to ask about the quality of the cup and order a cold drink if you have an option. It all comes down to picking the right cup for your coffee, whether hot or cold. Now that you know which kind of cups are good for what, relax into your seat and take a deep breath in; enjoy sipping from your coffee without worrying about health factors!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put hot water in Red Solo Cup?

Some people ask if you can put hot coffee in a red solo cup. The answer is that yes, you can. You can also put cold coffee in a red solo cup. But we can’t tell you how to drink your coffee, that’s up to you.

How much heat can a red solo cup take?

Although plastics melt at 170 degrees Celsius, the plastic used in Solo cups (Polystyrene, labeled as number 6) starts melting at 100-120 degrees Celsius.

What material red solo cups are made of?

The Red Solo Cup may be as American as beer pong and Toby Keith, but there’s a big problem with this party icon. This plastic beverage holder is made of No. 6 thermoplastic polystyrene- an easily molded resource found in everything from disposable razors to CD cases and even Styrofoam containers!

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