Nespresso Pixie vs Vertuo: Which One is Better?

Find out the difference between the Nespresso Pixie vs Vertuo, Which One is Right For You, and which one is the best to buy?

When it comes to coffee machines, there are many different types of machines, operating systems, and features. Whether you are looking for a machine that is reliable, has a lot of features to choose from, or consumes the least amount of water in brewing your drink, there is something out there for everyone. But which one of these machines should you get? Nespresso Pixie vs Vertuo: Which One is Better? We will break down the pros and cons of both options and help you decide which product suits you best.

The Nespresso Vertuo has a 40 oz water tank, much bigger than the other device. It can brew up to 5 different cup sizes and coffee flavor depends on each capsule’s quality. The operation is pretty quiet as well so it really suits anyone with busy schedules like families or users who are always on-the-go.

The runner-up Nespresso Pixie Breville also delivers tasty espressos with minimum noise possible. The compact design tells that Pixie is ideal for single users. But, compared to the model above, it lacks convenient aspects that I look for in espresso machines.

Nespresso Pixie Overview

Nespresso Pixie Overview

BARISTA GRADE: The single serve Nespresso Inissia machine by Breville offers the perfect cup of coffee or espresso every time thanks to its automatic operation and patented extraction system which delivers up to 19 bars of pressure.

FAST: Eliminate the wait time with how fast this machine reaches an ideal temperature in less than 25 seconds. This coffee machine will get your perfect cup of coffee or espresso to you faster!

VERSATILE COFFEE MAKER: Brew two different cup sizes (1.35 oz espresso or 5 oz lungo) with the press of a button! Add ice to make your favorite iced coffees and enjoy!

The SMART COFFEE MAKER: Adjustable cup size with two programmable espresso and lungo buttons. The folding drip tray accommodates larger single serve cup sizes and recipes. Smart energy saving mode automatically switches off our coffee maker after 9 minutes

COMPLIMENTARY GIFT: Each machine comes with a complimentary starter set of Nespresso capsules (the capsule assortment may vary from the picture).

  • Almost noise-free operation
  • Tasty espresso flavor with good crema
  • Good temperature control with quick heating time
  • Quick brewing time, perfect for busy users
  • Simple control with one-touch espressos
  • Not ideal for mugs or tall cups
  • Small water tank

Nespresso Vertuo Overview

Nespresso Vertuo Overview

AUTOMATIC COFFEE/ESPRESSO MACHINE: Create barista-grade brewed single serve coffee or espresso cups with the touch of a button. This machine is only designed to be used with Nespresso Vertuo capsules.

VERSATILE COFFEE MAKER: Brew 4 different cup sizes at the touch of a button – Espresso (1.35 oz), Double Espresso (2.7 oz), Gran Lungo (5oz) and Coffee (7. 7oz). Pour over ice to create your favorite iced coffee and latte drinks.

A SMART COFFEE MAKER:Brew the perfect single serve coffee or espresso drink time after time, thanks to Nespresso’s Centrifusion technology using bar codes to deliver the best in-cup results including perfect crema for large coffee cup sizes.

This water urn has a 40 oz. removable water tank, so you don’t have to worry about filling it up. It heats up in only 15 seconds and the drip tray is adjustable for your convenience!

Adjustable drip tray and 40 oz water reservoir.

  • Sturdy and long-lasting build quality
  • Quick and effective brewing performance
  • Large water capacity for less frequent refills
  • Height-adjustable drip tray
  • Quick capsule collection system that saves time
  • Quick heat-up time and shot extraction
  • Sometimes the coffees aren’t hot enough

Nespresso Pixie vs Vertuo: Differences

Nespresso Pixie vs Vertuo

The Main Difference Between VertuoLine has a 40 oz water tank, while the Pixie has a water tank with a capacity of 24 ounces. This means that the VertuoLine will be able to brew more cups of coffee until you need to refill it.

Nespresso Vertuo beats Pixie 3 to 1 thanks to its larger water tank, delicious espresso and coffee flavor, and a trustworthy descaling alert. It has even more features for you below!

Heating system

Both models use the same Thermoblock system which I love because it heats water very fast for efficient use, but what surprises me is that Vertuo warms up quicker while it works with a bigger water tank. It only takes 15 to 20 seconds to get ready for the brewing process.

Pixie takes longer, which is about 25 to 30s. That’s not much of a difference, but I still want to comment on that.

Pixie does a better job at brewing hot espressos than Vertuo. While using Pixie, I usually get steaming cups of espresso. With the exception of the temperature being slightly lower and fluctuating between 175-185F, Vertuo delivers good quality coffee for me as well.

Brewing technique 

There is a big difference between Breville Vertuo and other espresso machines. The reason for this is because of the CENTRIFUSION™ technology – it spins capsules at high speeds to extract flavor from coffee grounds.

As for Breville Pixie, it makes use of a 19-bars pump pressure system to pierce the capsules with pressure and extract. 

I think the brewing process affects these machines’ coffee flavor. I get a softer and mellow taste with Vertuo, but it doesn’t lose that punch either! With Pixie, the flavor definitely moves towards stronger side with some bitterness to it.


For me, Nespresso Vertuo Brevill wins in utility since it has a 40oz water tank, double the size of Pixie’s water tank, and a larger container for used capsules. 

What do these features tell us? Less refilling, less capsule container clearing, less work. If you drink coffee regularly or live with another person who shares the espresso maker with you, I strongly recommend the Vertuo line. 


Cleaning capsule machines is technically the same. We need cleaning capsules for it, and we use them the same way we do with regular coffee capsules. 

I enjoy the cleaning part of NESPRESSO VERTUO BREVILLE because it has a descaling alert that tells me when I need to clean out my machine. The feature is great because it saves us from wondering if we need to scrub or not and helps each brewing session consistently produce good coffee without any guesswork on our end.


I picked Breville Nespresso Vertuo because it has a simple design that allows me to quickly put the capsules in without having any trouble.

On the contrary, Breville Nespresso Pixie has a lever that I have to pull up and down with my hand so as not to hit my fingers on top of it while accessing the capsule slot. With this lever up, I have to sneak my hand through its opening in order for me get access into or out of the capsule slot area on which it is located.

Differences Between Table Comparison: Nespresso Pixie vs Vertuo

ModelBreville Nespresso VertuoBreville Nespresso Pixie
Dimensions (WxDxH)8.32 x 11.93 x 11.91 Inches12.6 x 7.2 x 12.6 Inches
Water tank capacity40 oz24 oz
MaterialMetal & PlasticMetal & Plastic
Weight12.34 pounds6.6 pounds
Watt/ Volt1350W/ 1101260W/ 110V
Used capsule container1210
Flow stopYesYes
Automatic power offYesYes
Descaling alertYesNo
Cup sizes5 (1.35 to 14 oz)2 (0.84 and 1.35 oz)
Heat-up time15s30s
Pump pressureCENTRIFUSION™ technology19 bars
Comparison Chart

Nespresso Pixie vs Vertuo: Similarities

The flow stop and automatic shut-off features are two small similarities between Nespresso Pixie and Vertuo. Find out more below. 

Flow Stop

I don’t like how I need to keep an eye on the brewing process and manually stop it when I decide. For non-professional users, figuring out what a good coffee amount is might be difficult. This made me happy to know that both models in today’s reviews have a flow stop function! All you have to do is press one button, and the machine does all of it for you!


These devices shut themselves off after 9 minutes of no use to save energy. Users who forget to turn off their electronic devices will find this feature beneficial, as well as those who want the device to last longer.


Breville Nespresso Vertuo is Top Pick Choice because Vertuo is equipped with a 40 oz water tank, much bigger than the other device, and it can brew up to 5 different cup sizes. Breville Nespresso Vertuo is Best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Nespresso Vertuo and Pixie?

The Main Difference Between VertuoLine has a 40 oz water tank, while the Pixie has a water tank with a capacity of 24 ounces. This means that the VertuoLine will be able to brew more cups of coffee until you need to refill it.

Is the Nespresso Pixie worth it?

All told the Nespresso Pixie makes a decent cup of espresso with a lot less mess than your typical espresso making machine. Its simple design makes it easy for even novice espresso drinkers to brew a quality drink.

Does Vertuo taste better than original Nespresso?

But, when it comes to the Nespresso vertuo machine, its ability to extract coffee with more crema than the original makes it more decadent and more smooth for lovers of longer brewed coffees. Also, when it comes to tastes, the different Nespresso machines tend to have other catalogs of options available.

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