Keurig K350 vs K450 – Which One Is Right For You? (Easy Guide In 2023)

If you are looking for a new coffee brewer, the Keurig K350 and K450 systems by Keurig are great options. These machines offer great features with compact design and endless beverages choice. Prices for these models have been more affordable than newer machines, so they’re a good option if you can’t afford expensive ones!

It’s hard to choose just one coffee maker. But when it comes to buying a coffee maker, you should consider the size of the cup and how often you’ll need to use it. The Keurig K350 vs K450 models provide several different options for size and brewing. So which one is right for you?

Keurig k350 Overview

Keurig k350

The Keurig K350 coffee brewer is a very popular machine, and it was designed or marketed towards home use. This means that you can drink high-quality coffee from your own living room without having to go out to coffee shops anymore. You will also save some money by making your own coffee as well as simplifying your caffeine routines!

Keurig K350 Design

Keurig K350 is built with plastic material in black color. However, it still looks elegant from most people’s point of view- the control is placed in front of the unit for convenient operation and rimmed with silver lining to ease you see it when in low light condition. Even though it is bulky, the machine weighs no more than 13.9 pounds! Measuring at 18.3 x 12.7 x 16 inches, this machine definitely isn’t too small or too big; you can place it easily at your kitchen counter

Keurig K350 Features

The Keurig K350 is programmable, which makes it perfect for those who want to customize their coffee experience. You can use this panel at the top of the machine to decide whether you want to brew a cup of coffee using a carafe or set the strength level for your desired beverage. This technology will enhance the machine’s ability to make special beverages such as mocha and chai.

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing a coffee machine is its ability to serve you fast coffee. With Keurig K350, you can enjoy your favorite coffee in less than a minute and less than five minutes when making a carafe without the need to do all the guesswork like with more traditional espresso machines. This high speed will help you speed up your morning or late night caffeine intake!

The large water tank on the Keurig K350 is great for taking up a lot of space. It can fit up to 60 oz., so you won’t have to fill it often if you only use it alone! The tank is also easy to remove and replace, making it easier for you to clean your machine. Additionally, the water filter on this coffee maker removes substances that may affect the taste of your coffee.

Keurig k450 Overview

Keurig k450

The Keurig K450 is the upgraded version of the previous Keurig K350 we have talked about above. It’s claimed to be heavier duty and better at reading every lid of your K-cups so that it can customize each pod for their blend, such as the ideal amount of water or temperature needed to brew them effectively and bring out the best taste out of each individual cup.

Keurig K450 Design

From the outside, Keurig K450 still looks and feels like a traditional Keurig. But from the inside, you will see that it features more silver lining. These may be put for aesthetic purpose, but they can be helpful when you operate the machine in dim light. The clear water tank is still placed at the side of the unit so you can see it when you need to refill it and panel control is placed in top front for convenient operation.

Keurig K450 Features

The Keurig K450 have a color panel on-board that allows you to adjust the coffee production. You can choose from a brew range start from 4 oz. to 30 oz., so it is perfect for when you have a big family or often serving coffee for your guests, since you don’t need to repeat the process each time!

Keurig Vue is a coffee machine that also uses the pulse brewing technology. This will make any of your strongest coffee drinkers love this machine! Coming from Keurig, you can expect to have endless options in single K-Cup pods, since it is still the most dominant form of single coffee cup available today. Not only Coffee, K-Cup offer you an endless choices such as specialty beverages like mocha, chai or hot cocoa.

Comparison: Keurig K350 vs K450

Now, let’s compare Keurig K350 with Keurig K450. From their appearance, Keurig K450 have more silver lining in its design unlike the previous Keurig K350.

This additional design will be beneficial if the machine is operated under dim light. From the water tank, we can see clearly that K450 have more capacity than its predecessor.

From the display, K350 still uses grayscale display while the K450 is already using colored display. Other than those both machines are having the same abilities.

Keurig k350Keurig k450
Water Reservoir Size: 60 oz.Water Reservoir Size: 70 oz.
Auto off: YesAuto off: Yes
Brew Time: Under 1 minuteBrew Time: Less than 1 minute
Controls: Touch screenControls: Touch screen
Product Line: Keurig 2.0Product Line: Keurig 2.0
Variety of Colors: BlackVariety of Colors: Black
Comparison: Keurig K350 vs K450

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Differences between Keurig K350 and K450

While both devices offer great performance and great functions, there are several things we need to take into account when making a final choice.

  • 10 oz water reservoir – K450 offers us a bigger water tank;
  • Color touch screen – although both devices are equipped with a 2.4-inch display, K350 offers a monochromatic one, which is a black and white screen.
  • The K450 thermostat is the only one that offers this capability.
  • K450 is a model that features advanced regulations and some utility.
  • Budget-friendly option – K350 is available to purchase at an affordable price, whereas K450 costs a bit more.


We compared the Keurig K450 and Keurig K350 and found that the Keurig K450 has an upgraded features, is can store more water, and is also larger than the K350. If you plan on choosing between both machines, we recommend opting for the larger Keurig K450 since it is better than the keurig K350.

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