Keurig k425 vs k200: (Which is Better In 2023)

Find out the difference between the Keurig k425 vs k200, Which One is Better For You, and which one is the best to buy?

Keurig K425 vs K200: Which is Better In 2023 It’s hard to know which model of Keurig is best when you’re trying to decide between a Keurig K425 and a Keurig K200. So we did the research for you and found out what makes these two brewers different, how they compare, and which one is best for your needs. You can read about this comparison below.

Keurig is a popularly-known brand and is not dependent for any type of introduction. The company alone has about 50 different models of coffee makers who are very popular.

But in this article, our eyes will be on two of its models, called ‘K200’ and ‘K425’. We’ll be looking at all there key differences over various parameters like design, features, performance, etc…. So without any delay, let’s get started.

Keurig K425 Reviews

keurig K425

The Keurig K425 is a larger brewer than the 2.0 200 and has 70 Oz Water Tanks standard. You can choose brew sizes from 4-12 ounces, so there’s some nice variety as you sip your morning coffee or tea with this machine! It also comes with mug size options of 12-16 oz alongside carafe size range of 22 to 30 oz for when you have company over.

Keurig has included the K Carafe with the machine, as well as a variety of K Pods. However, if you’re looking for something reusable to brew coffee and tea with, Keurig won’t include this in their product either. The machine will allow you to brew Coffee or Tea from pods or use its carafe function to make other beverages like hot cocoa too!

The Water Tank has a maximum and minimum fill line, so you’ll know exactly how much water to fill it with to ensure it has enough to work properly. The Water Tank is removable so it’s easy to clean.

This machine also includes a removable drip tray, which will catch spills and make cleaning easy. The pod holder is also removable to ensure your machine remains clean. When you turn the machine on, it will begin pre-heating; this process is fairly short.

Once the pot has heated up, you’ll be able to access customizable settings that include selecting how strong of a brew you want as well as temperature and size selections for your desired amount of coffee or tea brewed at once.

The K425 also has an ‘auto on/off’ feature which allows you to have control over when the machine turns on and off. This will help with energy efficiency and conserve more energy in order for it to do other things.

The model also has a touchscreen display which has separate settings for other beverages like tea, hot chocolate, and mochas. Overall, build with some really good features this model will surely grab your attention.

  • 70 oz. Water Reservoir
  • Strength and Temperature Control
  • 2.4″ Color Touch Display
  • 11 Different Brew Sizes
  • It’ll brew a delicious cup of coffee in just less than a minute.
  • It comes with a large water reservoir tank.
  • No water filter included
  • No reusable coffee filter included
  • Little Expensive

Keurig K200 Reviews

Keurig K200

The Keurig K200 is a compact Keurig machine which produces 9 different brew sizes, including carafe’s. The main brew points of the K200 are 4, 6, 8 and 10-ounce cups. It usually takes less than one minute to make your cup of coffee with this machine – it is quick! Having said that, it will fit on any kitchen surface due to its size; you should have no problem finding space for the machine in most kitchens given its small size.

The Keurig K200 is the perfect machine for ease of use! It comes with a 40 Oz Water Tank, which will give you a few cups before needing to refill it. The tank has minimum and maximum lines on it so you can put in just the right amount of water.

The Keurig K200 has a touch screen that is 2 inches in size, and this allows you to select what brew size as well as the strength of your coffee. And it’s always good to have more control over how strong you want your coffee.

This Keurig K200 is an affordable coffee maker machine which is highly compact and portable by size. Even though affordable and compact, it meets all the brewing requirements easily.

  • It has a total of 9 different brew sizes.
  • It is lightweight and compact in design.
  • It features a power-saving mode, useful in saving energy.
  • It includes separate settings for hot chocolate and other beverages.
  • Fits well into any space
  • Reasonable price
  • No ‘auto off’ feature
  • It doesn’t feature any temperature control settings.
  • It takes extra time for preheating the appliance.

Comparison Chart: Keurig k425 vs k200

NameKeurig K200Keurig K425
Dimensions15 X 9 X 13.7 Inches15.7 X 15.2 X 12.6 Inches
Weight7.5 Pounds5 Pounds
Brew Size9 different brew sizes.11 Different Brew Sizes
Water Reservoir40 Oz Water Tank70 Oz Water Tank
Auto on/offNoYes
PriceAffordableLittel Expensive
Keurig k425 vs k200

Different Between: Keurig k425 vs k200

Keurig k425 vs k200

The Main Different Between Keurig k425 and k200 is there water tank capacity. The K200 has a tank of 40 Oz whereas the K425 has a tank of 70 Oz.

Customisation Options

Keurig K200 and K425, both the machines are compatible with K-cups, so with both these, you’ll have some choice of what you put inside the machine.

 This allows users to prepare different types of drinks, by refilling the k-cups. As told, k200 is designed to be simple and basic which allows users only to set the brew size from 4 ounces to 10 ounces. 

It has a control panel with pure simplicity and limited features to simply toggle whether your coffee is strong or lite, if it’s coffee or any other. Most people like the way they drink their coffee because of this basic interface and limited features.

The K425 provides a completely different interface with many options, like wallpaper and time settings. It has an energy saver mode as well as water filter remainder, altitude adjustment, auto turn-off timer delay and better settings.

All these features allows users to have a more precise control over their brew, which they can’t do with k200 model.

Water Tank

The K200 has a tank of 40 Oz whereas the K425 has a tank of 70 Oz.

The Keurig 425 would be more suited if you have a group of coffee drinkers in your home or if you’re looking for a new coffee machine or your workplace.


It’s important to know that it is the performance of a brewer that decides how great it is. Performance isn’t affected by design or price, but rather its quality.

The fact that the Keurig has designed k200 and k425 to deliver some extraordinary services to their users. There’s no difference in their performance as both the models work with the same core mechanics.

But the presence of some extra features slightly blows the air for one device. As told Keurig k425 is a successor model that includes done additional features like energy saver mode, customizable clock, and auto on/off feature.


Both these models, Keurig k200 and k425 are based on the company’s latest innovation 2.0 and also uses the same technology. Talking about k200, it is a super lightweight model and is compact.

Being compact and portable, this model is designed for a single person or small families. It has an integrated 40-ounce water reservoir tank, which means you can prepare about 3 to 4 cups of coffee without refilling the tank.

Talking about looks, the machine looks simply attractive as it comes with various color options. These colors will uplift the looks of your kitchen.

The Keurig K425 comes in a variety of colors, so you can find one that fits your style. It is heavier than the previous model and has a 70 oz water reservoir tank to make coffee for more people. This product would be perfect for larger families or office usage since it has color touch screen display as opposed to the old black and white display on other models.

So these were all the differences among the twos under this segment.


Our Recommendation Keurig K425 is a great coffee maker.

Both of these coffee makers are high quality and offer different benefits. The Keurig K425 is perfect if you’re looking for something with more options, while the Keurig K200 is better for those looking for an affordable option.

It’s up to you to decide which one is the best fit for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Keurig 2.0 models?

The main differences that a Keurig 2.0 will deliver are: An advanced brewing system that reads the bar code on the K-Cup’s lid to create the perfect brew every time

Why was the Keurig 2.0 discontinued?

The problem with Keurig 2.0 is with the machine’s DRM (Digital Rights Management) system. DRM makes it so Keurig 2.0 machines only accept official, and more expensive, Keurig K-Cups that are one-time use only. The consumer backlash to this decision was more than the company anticipated.

When did the Keurig K200 come out?

Keurig expects the K200 brewer to hit store shelves starting May 12, first at then with wider retail release this summer.

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